Hello, my name is Bobby Dino.

“If you’re going through hell,
keep going.”

-Winston Churchill

Have you ever known someone who seemed to learn everything the hard way?  That was me, growing up.  No father.  No direction.  Only a matter of time, before Trouble and I linked up, and boy, did we party.  

I was living a hedonistic lifestyle, consuming just about every substance in sight.  During one of my drug-fueled benders, I got involved in an altercation with someone, and ended up hurting an innocent bystander. 

I'd caused pain in a bunch of different people's lives, and I was about to pay the price for it.

From August, 2000, to January, 2010, I was incarcerated in California.  I went in as this dummy, directionless kid, who blamed everyone and everything else for his problems.

Now?  I'm about to buy my third house.  I've got a beautiful wife and wonderful kids.  Brand-new R.V., brand-new truck; I'm living the blessed life.

Want to know how I did it?  I'd be happy to share what I’ve discovered. Keep reading through my website, and discover some insights and epiphanies I had to learn, the hard way.

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